A Development Agenda for 2015 and Beyond

Excerpt from statement to the UN MDG Summit from BetterAid member IBON


As we approach 2015, immediate policy steps need to be taken to hurdle the challenges of the global economic crisis. At the same time, discussion about a post-2015 international development agenda that goes deeper and beyond the Millennium Development Goals is in order.


Some serious challenges stand in the way of achieving the development targets embodied in the Millennium Development Goals. The global fi nancial and economic crisis that erupted in 2008 is the worst to affl ict the world since the Great Depression of the 1930s. This is exacerbated by the food crisis and climate change, whose impacts fall disproportionately on poor and vulnerable communities in underdeveloped countries. This convergence of crises clearly indicates a need for fundamental rethinking in the development paradigm that governments and global institutions have been pursuing up to now.

But the response of official institutions to these systemic crises has been severely inadequate and even aggravating. For instance, the main response to the global financial and economic crisis has been to bailout failing private fi nancial institutions whose destabilizing activities have precipitated the crisis in the fi rst place. Meanwhile, increased lending by international fi nancial institutions (IFIs) to developing countries experiencing budget and debt strains remain attached to draconian neoliberal policy prescriptions such as cuts in public services, social security and public pensions, as well as regressive tax reforms. They only worsen the adverse impacts of the downturn on
developing countries and their poor working majorities.

Read IBON's statement to the MDG Summit in full



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