BetterAid has submitted a response to the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness (WP-EFF) with respect to the Second Draft of the Outcome Document from the upcoming High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

BetterAid welcomes the new draft and language that continues to focus on:

A week before the G20 Development Working Group meets, BetterAid calls on the group to advance concrete actions that promote development effectiveness.

BetterAid issued a statement calling for the UN LDC-IV Conference 9-13th May 2011 to transcend ‘business as usual’ to yield robust and ambitious plans. According to BetterAid, this is the only way that the gap between the ‘haves and have-nots’ can be narrowed within the coming decade.

BetterAid recently submitted a statement is response to the draft strategy for Phase III of the United Nations Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) released on 24 March 2011.

The UN-Development Cooperation Forum (UN-DCF) will meet on 29-30 June in New York to discuss a set of five issues related to development and the current nature of partnerships: policy coherence; accountable and transparent development cooperation; South-South cooperation (SSC); competition for li

The BetterAid platform has submitted comments to the official statement to the High Level Event on South South Cooperation and Capacity Development in Bogota (yet to be released) :