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Dr. Arjun Karki from LDC watch made a statement at the UN General Assembly informal session in preparation for the 2010 MDG Summit on 13th April at the UN headquarters in New York. In his statement Dr. Karki highlights how the situation of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) is worsening due to unfolding multiple crises, and that the achievement of MDGs in LDCs is the greatest challenge for the entire development community.

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has released its annual flagship publication, the Development Cooperation Report. In his introduction, DAC Chair Eckhard Deutscher acknowledges that in light of the multiple crises over the past three years – food, energy and economic- the need for results in development has become ever more urgent. Considering the lack of progress towards the MDGs and upcoming challenges such as climate change, “development as usual is no longer an option”, states the Executive Summary.

Recently the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) launched an issue of its Poverty in Focus magazine.

President Obama and his administration have emphasized the need for U.S. development policy and practice to support “country ownership”—the idea that poor countries and their people need to lead their own development. As Secretary Clinton has said, “In Africa and elsewhere, we seek more agile, effective, and creative partnerships.

More than 400 delegates from Southern and Northern governments, international organizations and CSOs are currently gathered in Bogota for the 2 day High-Level Event on South-South-Cooperation and Capacity Building. In time for the event, the BetterAid Open platform of CSOs published a policy paper that analyses the pros and cons of South South development cooperation, and a CSO forum around the event saw the launch of CSO network Reality of Aid’s Special Report “South-South Cooperation. A challenge to the Aid System?”.

South South Development Cooperation: a pressing issue