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Post from Nora Murad from Dalia Association

Ouverture du Forum Mondial de la Société Civile

The city of Busan, Korea’s second largest city, brings the metaphor of the “East Asian Tiger” to life.

Over 500 representatives from civil society meet today in Korea for the three day Busan Global Civil Society Forum before the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. A diverse range of civil society organization representatives will be blogging right here.

The Fourth High-level Forum on aid effectiveness will be held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from November 29 to December 1, 2011, in the midst of a historical phase that the Arab region is passing through, which is changing the political, as well as social and economic context and realities of va


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The structural adjustment programs have shaken Africa states affecting in particular the delivery of basic social services. However, with the advent of reforms in achieving development goals came the openness for civil society participation in validating policies related to poverty reduction.

Civil society in Niger held a Consultation entitled ATELIER DE RESTITUTION DU 4ème FORUM DE HAUT NIVEAU DE BUSAN last 14-16 June 2012 to discuss the results of the Fourth High Level Forum in Busan, South Korea and the opportunities available to civil society Post-Busan.

As negotiations for a Post-Busan governance structure and monitoring framework were finalized last Friday in Paris, civil society expressed deep concern over the process undertaken by the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness (WP-Eff), the multi-stakeholder forum responsible for leading global proce

Two key CSO-led activities will be featured during the week of the WP-Eff Final Meeting next week:

A. Multi-stakeholder Consultation: Lessons in CSO Policy Dialogue

BetterAid is launched the Documentation Report today, 27 July 2012, entitled CSOs On The Road From Accra To Busan: CSO Initiatives to Strengthen Development Effectiveness. This report highlights the experiences of civil society and their journey from Accra in 2008 to Busan in 2011.