Watch the 2nd PBIG Meeting Live Via OECD TV

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The second meeting of the Post-Busan Interim Group (PBIG) will take place on Wednesday 4 April (14:30-19:00) and Thursday 5 April (9:00-18:00) at the OECD in Paris and will be streamed live via OECD TV.

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4th April

5th April

The 2nd PBIG meeting aims to:
Agree on the functions and governance structure of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation
Agree on the scope of global monitoring
Agree on the structure/nature of linkages between country- and global-level monitoring efforts
Paragraph 35 and 36 of the BOD mentions the setting-up of a mandate on Global Partnership by June 2012. The Sherpa+ process led to the formation of the Post-Busan Interim Group (PBIG), which is tasked to develop a proposal that will be approved during the WP-Eff meeting in June. Civil society is represented by Antonio Tujan and Mayra Moro-Coco, BetterAid Co-Chairs.

The first PBIG meeting was held last 13-14 February 2012 in Paris where issues on structure of the new partnership, ways of working, and relevant indicators and targets were discussed. The PBIG meetings will culminate in June 2012, where the Governance Structure of the GPEDC will be established. Click here to view the summary of the first PBIG meeting and other relevant documents.