United Nations Development Cooperation Forum

Working with the United Nations Development Cooperation Forum (UN DCF)

The BetterAid Coordinating Group (BACG) engages with the United Nations Development Cooperation Forum (UN DCF), which convenes every two years.

What does the UN DCF do?
The first UN DCF took place in New York in 2008, and takes place biennially. It is convened by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and was mandated by the 2005 World Summit. The UN DCF can be seen as ‘the focal point within the United Nations system for holistic consideration of issues of international development cooperation and a forum to improve the quality of ODA and to increase its development impact.’ It brings together representatives from development-related UN bodies, Civil Society Organisations and other stakeholders.
Find out more on the UN DCF website.

How does BetterAid work with the UN DCF?
The DCF provides a multilateral space for discussion of aid architecture and policy coherence for development issues. The BetterAid Coordinating Group (BACG) attends the forum and participates in the debate around these issues, raising key issues that concern civil society, and pushing for outcome documents that make way for a fair and equitable aid architecture in the context of wider development architecture, including making finance and trade policies work for development.

The BACG also works to ensure that the DCF is open to broad CSO engagement.