Staff Contacts

BetterAid is supported by four members of staff:

Programme manager
Communications officer
Liaison officer
Here are some information about how they support the BetterAid platform, along with their contact details:

Reileen Dulay, BACG CoordinatorReileen Joy Dulay

Based in Manila, Philippines
Host organisation: IBON

What does Reileen do? Reileen coordinates BetterAid Coordinating Group (BACG) and BACG Working Groups activities

Contact Reileen at on matters related to BACG and BACG Working Group

Myrna A. Maglahus, Communications Officer Myrna_passportpic_BW

Based in Manila, Philippines
Host organisation: IBON

What does Myrna do? Myrna communicates BACG activities to the BetterAid platform, decision makers, media and academics in the field, by maintaining a website, newsletter and listservs, and helping to produce outputs including policy papers and briefings. Myrna is responsible for the day-to-day updating of the website and maintenance of listservs.

Contact Myrna at if you would like to subscribe to updates and/or contribute news on aid and development effectiveness from your organisation or other sources, that could be shared with the BetterAid platform via the BetterAid newsletter or the BetterAid website

Roberto Pinauin, Programme managerRobert Pinauin

Based in Manlia, Philippines
Host organisation: IBON

What does Robert do? Roberto provides programme management support to the BACG to ensure that the activities indicated under the Better Aid Programme are resourced and implemented effectively.

Contact Roberto at on matters relating to contractual, fund-raising, budget and donor issues and about reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the BetterAid Programme.

Matt Simonds, Liaison Officer Matt Simonds

Based in Paris, France
Host organisation: Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC)

What does Matt do? Matt liaises with the OECD/DAC/WPP-EFF regarding BACG's concerns and requirements for its advocacy work, and keeping the BACG informed of liaison work

Contact Matt at on matters related to OECD/DAC/WP-EFF and UN DCF including general information, participation, documentation, etc.