Global Civil Society Forum ends as CSOs look forward to new beginning at HLF4

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 00:00 -- webadmin

Busan Global Civil Society Forum concluded yesterday while civil society looks forward to a new beginning of the development discourse with governments and donors at 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4), starting tomorrow Nov 29 and until Dec 1 in Busan.

Throughout the day, CSOs worked in regional and strategic groups to feed into the CSO Statement to HLF4. The consolidated document was presented for final comments by Open Forum co-chair Emele Duituturaga during the closing plenary. As a result, Civil Society will be taking our Key Asks to Busan under the inspiring title “Better Aid and Development Effectiveness for the World We Want”.

The communication from this last day of the Global Civil Society Forum outlines the 3 ways to make development work, and that is through policies and practices that:

1. Are rights-based.

2. Guarantee space for civil society organizations and other non-state actors to fulfil their development roles, at a minimum, in keeping with binding commitments outlined in international and regional instruments that guarantee fundamental rights.

3. Ensure that private sector involvement in development actually contributes to development, and respects international labour standards and conventions

Read the press release of the final day of Busan Global Civil Society Forum here and keep checking for updates directly from HLF4 negotiations.