Gender equality and women's rights demands to HLF4 and UNDCF

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Feminists, gender equality and women’s rights activists and organizations mobilizing on the road to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) to be held in Busan on 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2011 reaffirm their vision for transformation and offer concrete recommendations for improving the international development cooperation architecture in a set of key demands released today.

The current draft of the Busan outcome document is not acceptable for women’s rights groups engaged in the HLF4 process. They are calling on governments and other relevant development actors to consider the following six imperatives:

1- Any new development cooperation framework to be agreed in Busan should be based on human rights, including women’s rights.

2- A new equitable development cooperation system for gender equality and women’s rights should be under the United Nations.

3 - Development effectiveness requires democratic ownership by women and meaningful and systematic participation by civil society, especially women’s and feminist organizations.

4- Promote multiple accountability systems for women’s rights and gender equality, improving existing monitoring systems.

5- Financing for Development: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights must go beyond mainstreaming

6 - Development cooperation to the countries in situations of fragility and conflict must acknowledge the differential and disproportional impact of armed conflict on the lives and rights of women and girls.

See the demands in full (PDF)
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This document was elaborated during the International Women’s Organizations Consultation on Development Cooperation, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality held in Brussels, Belgium, 9-10 June 2011.

We encourage women's and civil society organizations to use these key demands as a basic political tool that can be used and adapted for advocacy and mobilization, as well as for any development cooperation debate or dialogue with your government or donors present in your country.*

* These key demands are a living document open for comments and endorsements by sending an e-mail to
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