EU Commission reacts to NGO concerns on Busan

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Posted on 22 November 2011 in

By Daniel Puglisi

On 14 November we challenged the EU’s common position that it will take to the Busan aid summit.

Development NGO’s are concerned that the position is weak and lacks concrete proposals.


In an article on 21 November featured in New Europe newspaper, the European Commission reacted to some of our concerns.

The Commission admits tthere can be “better coordination amongst European donors” helping “to save around €5 billion per year”.


The EU Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs said that:


“In Busan, will be calling for donors to better coordinate their actions to avoid duplication, fragmentation and to achieve better impact. With just over three years left to meet the Millennium Development Goals, time is running out. Busan will be a key opportunity for all donors to act together to improve the efficiency of aid.”

We believe that such action must of course focus on making aid programmes more transparent and effectively scrutinised… it must also focus on tackling a range of practices that undermine aid’s long term impacts and potential for helping countries to end their dependence on it. These include tied aid, unpredictable aid, inappropriate use of conditions, the bypassing of local systems and approaches to aid that fail to strengthen democratic ownership and gender equality.

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