CSOs on the Road from Accra to Busan: Report LaunchToday!

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BetterAid is launched the Documentation Report today, 27 July 2012, entitled CSOs On The Road From Accra To Busan: CSO Initiatives to Strengthen Development Effectiveness. This report highlights the experiences of civil society and their journey from Accra in 2008 to Busan in 2011. It describes processes at the global, regional and country-level, both official and CSO-led, that shaped the discussion and agreements at the Busan High Level Forum. It also reveals the hindrances and challenges met by CSOs in ensuring democratic process towards development effectiveness.

Recognized at HLF3 in Accra in 2008 as “development actors in their own right”, civil society broke new ground, through BetterAid Platform as full participants in the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness (WP-EFF) and in the 2011 negotiations for the Busan Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (BPd). These experiences of CSO inclusion represented a profound and meaningful shift in power relations in multi-stakeholder civil society diplomacy. Equal in significance, is the launch of the Open Forum process to address the development effectiveness of CSOs. This culminated in a global consensus known as the Istanbul Principles and the Siem Reap on the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness as foundations for strengthening civil society’s own effectiveness as development actors.

Both the BetterAid and the Open Forum process contributed in the advancement of the civil society position and messages for the Fourth High Level Forum in Busan, South Korea. The CSO Key Messages and Proposals for HLF-4 highlighted the importance of democratic ownership in realizing the unfinished business of Paris and Accra commitments, the fundamental importance of human rights standards to guide development cooperation, and the urgency of a just and equitable architecture for development cooperation beyond Busan.

The main purpose of this Report is to tell a story. Authored by Brian Tomlinson, the Documentation Report offers various reflections on what was accomplished and what was not, but it is not intended to be an evaluation of these processes. While it sets out a narrative of the main activities, it also tells the story through the perceptions of stakeholders in the process by quoting directly from their reflections.

The extraordinary progress achieved on many fronts should be celebrated.

The CSOs On The Road From Accra To Busan: CSO Initiatives to Strengthen Development Effectiveness will be launched today, 27 June 2012 as part of the multi-stakeholder consultation entitled Lessons in CSO Policy Dialogue: BettterAid, Open Forum and country level experiences Informing the ways forward towards the Global Partnership