Civil Society at the WP-Eff Meetings in June

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Two key CSO-led activities will be featured during the week of the WP-Eff Final Meeting next week:

A. Multi-stakeholder Consultation: Lessons in CSO Policy Dialogue

The CSOs, through BetterAid, are organizing a multi-stakeholder consultation entitled Lessons in CSO Policy Dialogue: BettterAid, Open Forum and country level experiences Informing the ways forward towards the Global Partnership on 27 June 2012 (Wednesday), 14:00-17:00h at Salle D, Chateau OECD.

The Lessons in CSO Policy Dialogue aims to provide a venue for civil society and other members of the WP-EFF to take stock of experiences in CSO policy dialogue and determine how this can inform the “global scope” and “country focus” work of the GPEDC in the future.

The programme will be divided into two components. The first part is the launch of the CSO Documentation Report. The CSO Documentation Report is a joint project of BetterAid and Open Forum to put on record the rich experience and lessons of CSO-led processes in aid and development effectiveness dialogues. The Report aims to be a reference in planning future engagements under the New Global Partnership. An E-launch of the CSO Documentation Report will be held simultaneous with the CSO Multi-stakeholder Dialogue. The second part is the CSO dialogue with key stakeholders in development cooperation.

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B. Round-Table Discussion on Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) in the post-Busan Framework

The Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (BPEDC) reiterates that promoting human rights, democracy and good governance are an integral part of development efforts. However, the only direct reference to HRBA points to the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). BetterAid is organizing a Round-Table discussion to discuss the best ways of promoting HRBA within the development effectiveness agenda and the possibility of establishing a Building Block on HRBA.

The informal meeting will be on Wednesday, June 27th at 17:00-18:30 o'clock at the OECD Headquarters, Paris (2 rue André-Pascal , the Marshall building, 1st floor, room MB 1122).