Cambodia Civil Society Strengthen its Claim in Development Partnership

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Press Release:

30 August 2012

Cambodian NGOs have wound up a national consultation with government and development partners on “governance and development effectiveness” on a strong positive note.

Both government and international aid agencies have agreed that civil society should have a partnership role in the social and economic development of Cambodia. The challenge now is to establish the terms of such a partnership, and the commitment of all sides to share the information needed to plan for the future and assess progress.

The two-day consultation in Phnom Penh, on 29-30 August 2012, brought together 103 representatives of civil society from 24 provinces. Organized by two of the largest NGO associations – the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) and the NGO Forum on Cambodia - the gathering focused on steps towards implementation of international agreements on development effectiveness.

A highlight of the event was a strategic and constructive dialogue among representatives of the government and international aid donors and the executives of the two NGO organizations including representative from Department of Cambodia Rehabilitation and Development Board/Council for the development of Cambodia (CRDB/CDC), Asian Development Bank, United Nation and Embassy of Sweden.

Lun Borithy, CCC Executive Director, says the consultation achieved “70 to 80 percent” success and concluded with a clear understanding that partnership with civil society is essential if government and other agencies are to achieve effective development.