Busan Global Women’s Forum Political Statement

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 00:00 -- content_manager02

Women's groups of the BetterAid platform meeting at the Busan Global Civil Society Forum finalised their position towards the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectivness.

The statement calls on all governments and other development actors involved in the HLF-4 to consider the following imperatives:

Any new development cooperation framework to be agreed in Busan should be based on human rights, including women’s rights.
A new equitable development cooperation system for gender equality and women’s rights under the United Nations is in place.
Development effectiveness requires democratic ownership by women and meaningful and systematic participation by civil society, especially women’s and feminist organizations.
Promote multiple accountability systems for women’s rights and gender equality - considering all forms of discrimination experienced by women based on sexism, racism, xenophobia and others - improving existing monitoring systems.
Financing for Development: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Beyond Mainstreaming.
Development cooperation to the countries in situations of fragility and conflict must acknowledge the differential and disproportional impact of armed conflict on the lives and rights of women and girls.