Busan and beyond: Statement by civil society organisations on improving aid effectiveness in situations of conflict and fragility

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This statement proposes a number of steps to improve the effectiveness of aid in contexts of conflict and fragility. It is primarily focused on the statement that will be adopted at the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in December 2011, but it is recognised throughout that this issue is relevant above and beyond Busan and will remain a pressing issue for the development community in the coming years. It builds on a broader ‘ Development Effectiveness’ approach whereby different actors should support one vision of a sustainable change, within a democratic framework, that addresses the causes as well as the symptoms of conflict, fragility.

This statement draws from consultations, as well as the collective inputs of civil society organisations working in situations of fragility and conflict around the world. It seeks to ensure that both donors and partner governments address aid effectiveness towards development effectiveness from the perspective of the ultimate Aid beneficiaries: the people.

In the run up to HLF 4, civil society urges all development actors to take the following steps in order to support sustainable development and positive change in situations of conflict and fragility:

. Ensure that aid is designed primarily to meet the needs and aspirations of people living in conflict affected and fragile contexts;
. Establish a genuinely game-changing, i.e. inclusive, New Deal between fragile and conflict affected states and their respective societies;
. Support the development of inclusive and participatory processes at country level (fragility assessments, compacts, implementation and monitoring, etc.);
. Ensure risk management processes and funding decisions are conflict-sensitive and multi-stakeholder;
. Support an enabling environment for CSOs to act as independent development actors in their own rights, and defend humanitarian principles during crises;
. Commit to take necessary measures to translate the Fragile States Principles into behavioural and institutional changes;
. Adopt a context-specific approach to the Paris Principles to ensure aid prevents countries from slipping into fragility and conflict;
. Ensure the centrality of fragility and conflict in the framework of the envisaged Global Partnership on Development Effectiveness.Busan and beyond: Statement by civil society organisations on improving aid effectiveness in situations of conflict and fragility