Building Capacities for CSOs to Monitor Public Policies: an Initiative of CSOs in Niger

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 00:00 -- content_manager01

The structural adjustment programs have shaken Africa states affecting in particular the delivery of basic social services. However, with the advent of reforms in achieving development goals came the openness for civil society participation in validating policies related to poverty reduction.

Civil society has an undeniable role in African development hence the need for CSOs to map and assess their participation to effectively influence and monitor public policies.

On September 25-29, 2012, civil society organizations in Niger will convene to strengthen the role and impact of civil society in the governance policy, peace, security and development by capitalizing on the experiences of civil society organizations on ownership, and monitoring public policies, as well as efforts to build capacities of CSOs.

For further information, contact ALAROU SOULEY (RODADDHD)