3rd and Final PBIG Meeting Now Underway

Mon, 05/21/2012 - 00:00 -- content_manager01

The Post-Busan Interim Group (PBIG) is meeting for the third and final time in Paris from today May 21 until May 22, 2012. This meeting is set to finalize the proposal for the Governance and Monitoring of the Global Partnership which will be approved during the meeting of the Working Party for Aid Effectiveness in June 2012.

Civil society, through BetterAid, prepared comments on the Draft Monitoring Proposal and the Draft Governance Proposal of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) which will be shared and discussed with the members of the PBIG during this meeting. BetterAid is calling for a Post-Busan Governance Framework that is based on rights-based approach to development, with the establishment of a transparent, democratic and inclusive forum and fully recognizing the rights of non-state actors and CSOs as independent development actor in their own right. It is also calling for an effective monitoring mechanism, with a core set of indicators, which measure progress both at the country and global levels towards fulfilling the commitments of Paris, Accra and Busan. BetterAid Co-Chairs Antonio Tujan and Mayra Moro-Coco are representing the civil society in the 3rd PBIG Meeting.

The 3rd PBIG meeting will be broadcast live on the internet via OECD TV. If you wish to follow the PBIG meeting today and tomorrow, please use the link http://webtv.oecd.org/. When prompted for password, use PBIGFINAL212205.

Paragraph 35 and 36 of the Busan Outcome Document mentions the setting-up of a mandate on Global Partnership by June 2012. The Sherpa process led to the formation of the Post-Busan Interim Group (PBIG), which is tasked to develop a proposal on Global Partnership that will be approved during the WP-Eff meeting in June 2012. The group first met on February 13-14 2012 in Paris followed by the 2nd PBIG meeting last April 4-5 2012.